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Doing Good, Giving Back

Supporting education on a local level

I truly believe we can all do a little something to make the world a better place for everyone and for future generations.

As an immigrant from a third world country I was taught that getting a good education would be integral for my future success. I have always loved learning and had so much admiration and respect for all my teachers. 

Every month I donate a portion of my shop's proceeds to a local classroom in France, Oregon through, a non profit organization that allows teachers to raise funding for their students and classrooms.

Through my shop I have been able to support Mrs. Pfaff's first graders get classroom equipment, Mrs. Capp's fourth graders get class room supplies and playground equipment, provide keyboards for Mr. Patterson's K-8 music class, and help send a group of fifth graders from Ms. Tucker's class on an overnight camping trip to discover the Oregon Trail.

When choosing classrooms to support, I try to choose schools where the majority of the students are from low income households and schools in districts that receive the least amount of funding.

savadyblog / Giving Back and Supporting Local Schools  savadyblog / Giving Back Supporting Local France Schools


What other organizations do you donate shop proceeds to?

I've sponsored a girl through Children International from Ecuador since 2014. Monthly donation.

I donate/purchase supplies (new) for refugees coming into France through the Refugee Care Collective mostly toiletries and hygiene supplies. Quarterly donation.

I donate proceeds to Medical Teams International specifically towards the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh. Donations to Medical Teams International are matched! Quarterly donation.


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