The 1980s

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The View in Veillon Dress
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sku: V12136

: vintage 1980s romantic Edwardian inspired cotton gown

vintage / modern: Vintage

One of the most romantic dresses we have ever seen! Vintage 1980s romantic Edwardian early 20s inspired cotton gown features u shape neckline, tiered lace trimmed sleeves, and a drop waist accented with silken bows. This beautiful antique inspired dress...


The 1980s

Oh, the 80s. Known for big hair and bigger attitude, we love this decade for its busy floral patterns, glamour heels, simple and chic suits, and designs reminiscent of 1940s day dresses. In our collection of 1980s clothing, you'll find the more subdued side of the 80s, the side often overlooked by the vibrancy and noise of the club scenes and workout gear. We have a soft spot for the Laura Ashley dresses, the prairie revival, the obsession with Victoriana. Cream dresses bedecked with soft pink florals and puff sleeves. Skirts that look like they're recycled from your grandmother's curtains. With a romantic eye and open heart, we hope you'll learn to love this side of the 1980s too!


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