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September Serenade

What was that? That soft rustling whisper of a leaf that fell? When caught up in the rush of a busy schedule, it's sometimes too easy to miss the little signs of a new season. Like a leaf that lingers on a breeze, we seem to float back and forth on the matter--is it still Summer or is it yet Fall? Perhaps it isn't important as long as you are enjoying simply today. This collection is for those in-between days when the Summer sun shines on yet those autumn-lovers out there can't help but hint at the coming cool. Sun dresses that layer perfectly beneath light sweaters to make for easy, timelessly feminine pairings. Classic separates in subtle shades that carry from season to season with ease.

Subtle Autumn Shades for Layering

We love having a wardrobe full of muted shades and similar style of prints that make it easy to combine different pieces for endless outfits. Wear vintage inspired oxfords with a floral midi dress peaking out from underneath a cozy knit sweater or chic jacket. Layer up for the season that seams to have a taste of every type of weather in one day.

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