Le Mood: Simply, Stay
With the haze of holiday festivities and travels behind us, the turn of the new year is as good a time as any to remember the importance in going slowly. Sure, you've made resolutions that seem to be burning a hole in your notebook until you tackle them. The primrose won't plant itself. However, neither will tea brew faster just because you will it, and the clouds outside certainly won't move any quicker so that you can dash outside to your car and avoid the chance of rain. Listen to those moments when the natural world seems to gently whisper in your ear, "hello darling, why don't you simply stay a while longer?". Stretch your limbs that have lived to see another year and recline into the soft embrace of cool linens and the sounds of branches rustling outside your window. Tomorrow will come fast enough. Today, take a little moment for yourself and breathe in the true present.

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